Thursday, September 28, 2006

I'm sorry Steve, did you think you were leading something?

The conservative minority government guys do not represent over 64% of Canadians so please don't think we have suddenly turned into warmongers. Our government is out of control, represent the big business interests more than the people. Instead of reinvesting in Canadians, reducing their taxes in a significant manner, they gave it all to the banks.

Now debt reduction is a good thing, usury is expensive, however, this is the biggest scam running in our country. Fiat based currency is created from thin air by borrowing but the interest is never created. Interest is charged but that actual currency is never created. It is added to the debt, which is how the money supply is created, but it, the interest is never created leaving the country eternally entrhalled to a debt that can never be paid.

So 13 billion that not so long ago, conservatives were claiming was due to over taxation, which really has resulted from denying access to Employment Insurance to many who used to be covered, just went to bankers and fat cats.

Rather than finance the country by borrowing at low rates from the bank of Canada, successive governments since the 70s have used private banks. Private banks that create money from nothing that has been used to finance the foreign takeover. Our system is underfunded becuase of deliberate manipulations, income tax has become the guarantee for the Government to borrow. Canadians have been betrayed in so many ways by its top people for so long I think people are just used to it.

The government of Canada has seen fit to make a bunch of cuts at the same time as running a huge surplus. Essentially, Canada is in the position where declared separatists can form coalitions with a party the looks more like the Republican party of the USA. Our country is fractured along regional and ideological lines, the system is skewed to minority rule, banks have more power than the lawmakers, and the people are oblivious to the misinformation, misleading, and outright deceptions being carried out before their senses.

We have been cut back, all the social programs hacked, the medicare system deliberately starved, food banks grow at the same time as the GDP has been increasing. The increase in wealth of the top outstrips the wealth of the bottom, the average values increase faster than wages, and along comes the conservatives to spend some money on police. Police to deal with the problems of an americanized system with supposedly increasing crime rates.

Well, I think they are so full of shit that our country has become a joke. We are Americas bitch, over 50% of our 'assets' are foriegn owned, our government is now goose-stepping along with the worst US administration in history and they worry about ice breakers while they send people to die to protect the profits of herion producers. Herion producers whose profits conservative ideology fights to protect by continued prohibition and unwillingness to see drug usage as anything more than a moral issue.

The men and women coming back in body bags do not think its funny.

To be fair, we can't lay it all at the feet of the current Prime Minister.(It was so hard not to use the words 'conservative regime' but it may be more apt!) The previous Liberals were just as guilty, they would talk left but legislate right. When Mr. Martin chased out Mr. Chretian, it got even worse. Their failure to redress the imbalance caused by free trade, indeed they signed NAFTA despite promising to renegotiate FTA. They renegotiated all right, gave even more away in return for what? So Canada could win all its NAFTA disputes and the USA could just ignore it. Along comes Stevie, here George, have a billion dollars, please continue to rape our forests. We will pay you. I can only imagine how much of that billion came back in unmarked valises, but I have no doubt some did.

Now, under the new post 911 rules, which are completly out of line and a symptom of a state run amok, we are building a surveillence society because of another country! An attack on the USA that is still questionable, the official story is hogwash, which has been used to launch wars under deceptivce circumstances.

Now there is talk of a large trading block in North America, a union between Canada, the USA, and Mexico much like the European Union complete with a new currency, the Amero. If that should happen, Canada is dead. If we have even the illusion of soveriegnty, even that will be removed. We will get the debt, the USA will get the resources, and Mexico will get... probably the shaft.

It is shameful that in a country as rich as Canada there should be so much poverty. What is the Harper goverment doing about that? Right, nothing. Making it worse. It's about cheap labor, regressive social controls and rules, and corporate dominance.

So they call themselves "Canadas New Government". Same old bullshit though.

Originally published Wed, 05 Oct 2005


Dear Mr. Thompson ( re: MP hears what police have to say, Airdrie Echo, Sept. 21 ): People should be wary of asking for more cops and jails. According to StatsCan, the violent crime rate has actually been falling for the past three years. Now I don't know how accurate these statistics are, but it would seem to me that if the police were overworked and undermanned, then the crime rate would be climbing, not falling. Uncovering the method of data-collection is more your job than mine, but I suggest you look into it. Perhaps less time should be spent uprooting plants and more on real threats.

I happen to agree that violent offenders should get long sentences to think about their mistakes -- that's what jails are for, to segregate the dangerous from the rest of society. However, I resist the importation of the U.S. drug war and see these 'calls by police across the country' as the first step, as it was in the 1970s in the U.S.

Harsher penalties are being called for right across the spectrum and not only in cases of violent crimes. For instance, does the national drug strategy that you mention in passing have any resemblance to that of the Senate Committee report chaired by Senator Nolin in 2002? Does it include harsher cannabis prohibition or a more mature approach of separating the hard and soft drugs by legalizing cannabis? ( I highly doubt it's the latter. )

Policing is a thankless job and law enforcement officers do have to come in contact with the 'bottom of the barrel' on a constant basis. This is bound to colour their opinions and attitudes. They deserve our support in the form of sensible laws and policies. However, letting the fox design the hen house is not my idea of smart.

Crystal meth is now the demon that many claim cannabis to be. However, it is a prescribable drug. The street forms are dangerous, but these are products of prohibition, as are the gangs and crime associated with it. As bathtub gin used to claim so many victims during alcohol prohibition, meth is claiming many, as well. It is a scourge, but our current policies -- which are hypocritical and largely influenced by the U.S. -- only exacerbate the problems. The drug war of the U.S. is a disaster which we would do well not to repeat. That country has harsh penalties and jails full of people and no shortage of drugs. Quite the opposite. If we are to have a national drug strategy, it needs to focus on treatment and prevention rather than criminal prohibition and interdiction.

Lastly -- and the real reason I was inspired to write -- is my utter horror on reading you ask for federal help in the form of more cops and jails after 10 years of cutting transfer payments across the country.

Withdraw the social supports that attempted to address imbalance and poverty, welfare, medical, social housing and education ( which increased the general level of suffering, which is a much more likely cause of hard-drug abuse, lack of any good jobs, although I hear that is not a problem in Alberta at this time ) and then use that same money to build prisons to round up and house all the disenfranchised? That's not a very Canadian idea.


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