Thursday, September 28, 2006

Joe Citizen vs. City Hall

I am a frequent visitor to the Media Awareness Project, a site dedicated to tracking and cataloging news articles, letters, and clippings from media sources all around the world. Mostly I read it to see what is being said, from time to time I find material that is just too much to let pass. You would see after a time, reading mapinc, the patterns of propagnda, the same lies parrotted over and over again with little balance. This may be changing, news media that is a propaganda tool has no journalistic integrity, their purpose is to inform in and unbiased manner, a necessary check for the people to keep tabs on the doings of the governments at the various levels which is required for a representative democracy to function. The ability to make critical decisions requires factual information and this is, for business and political reasons, been overlooked shall we say, by most, when it comes to cannabis. That may have something to do with the history of cannabis prohibition. Or not.

Be that as it may, on or around 6, September, 2006 I read this letter to the editor. This prompted my response:

Dear Editor:

Re: Letter to the Editor, Grow Ops Getting Out Of Hand, Sept. 6, 2006.

One only has to look south to see the folly of more police funding as a solution to clandestine cannabis growing operations. The U.S., according to the RCMP, is its own biggest supplier of cannabis despite huge police budgets and prisons overflowing with non-violent offenders.

The only way to reduce the numbers of grow operations is to legalize and regulate cannabis along the lines suggested by the Senate Report in 2002 on Cannabis. It would not be profitable to fill million-dollar homes with a plant currently wildly overinflated due to public policy.

Mr. Evans is advocating a solution that has been tried and is failing miserably. Surely police have more pressing problems than a non-toxic plant? I would much rather they hire more police to solve their backlogs of actual crimes, find some missing children, stop some pedophiles and solve some murders, rather than waste more money on failed policies that amount to little more than job security for police chasing plants.

Interdicting the supply would not stop cannabis production but it would raise the value more. I have to oppose anyone who supposes chasing plants has a higher priority than protecting the public from truly dangerous people. Too bad that is the government, the police unions and misinformed city councillors.

Mr. Evans saw fit to respond.

So I penned this in about 20 minutes thinking, this is over the top, they won't publish this!

Dear Editor:

Re: Pot laws are federal issue, Letters to the editor, Burnaby NOW, Sept. 20.

Coun. Garth Evans correctly points out that the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act, the law that prohibits cannabis, is in fact a federal law.

However, the federal government has been playing games with cannabis for more than 30 years since the Le Dain Commission.

The law may be made federally, but the municipalities are the ones that have to enforce it.

The three levels of bureaucracy leave an endless maze in which to hide or pass the buck around in. The city councillors and MLAs say it's federal; the MPs are too afraid to offend the U.S.A., and now the courts have struck down and reinstated the CDSA.

Cannabis is not going away, no matter how many 'green teams' Burnaby hires. It is a waste of taxpayer money. Cannabis itself was made illegal, with no debate, during racist times. So far, 30-plus years of trying to change this has been met with the most resistance by the police lobby.

The people of Canada and the world deserve to be treated like adults when it comes to cannabis. Waging an eternal war against a plant with taxpayer dollars accomplishes nothing but wasting money, undermining privacy, increasing levels of violence and decreasing respect for authority and the rule of law.

Mr. Evans supposes that there are at least 800 cannabis growing houses in Burnaby.

The real number is likely far higher.

First, how does he know this? Authorities are now basing their suspicions upon your electrical records, the police now spy on the citizenry by way of their electrical usage.

One more privacy now a victim of society's misguided quest to ensure people are not getting high, the global war on some drugs.

Let us suppose that is true. How many can the police take down in one day and how many officers does it require? Even if they could do two per day, they could not get them all in a year.

They are simply wasting their time and your money subsidizing the ones they can't get by increasing the value.

Instead of allocating scarce resources to chasing their own tail, the police must have more pressing problems.

Mr. Evans claims that the people running grow ops are violent and dangerous yet cites no example.

If grow houses were so troublesome, why do we not hear about all the supposed violence associated with them?

The only time I hear about violence and cannabis grows is either when police attend or when 'grow-rippers' break in. Nobody else generally interferes with these people.

Ceding the huge unregulated market to criminals by way of drug prohibition only ensures the continued presence of organized crime groups.

Mr. Evans believes the solution is to hire more police. The police believe that we need harsher penalties, but the people obviously want the cannabis.

I believe that the current crackdown on cannabis is happening at behest of the U.S.A., and all those on this side of the border who support it are not representing the people but protecting the profits of large corporations.

Ripping down grow shows is make-work for police. Killing plants is not 'protecting the community,' but it sure represents light work and job security.

They printed it.


Anonymous Hope said...

Excellent! It's good to know a sound, truthful voice is reaching the public. Kudos to you and to the editors who chose to print the truth!

Keep it up. Maybe the people can get some of their rights and freedoms back.

8:48 AM  

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