Friday, September 29, 2006

My 2 bits.

At this point, I feel there needs to be some changes made in Canada. Until they are, the game is rigged, the people are being snowed.

It is interesting to note that the foundation of the USA constitution was the Declaration of Independence yet the heart of this document is not reflected in mainstream USA today. Therein lies the principals upon which the spirit of the USA was created. In defiance of tyrranny, a bunch of "terrorists" became a nation. A nation with such high ideals that have never truly been realized, the struggles of titans and tycoons, men of ego and towering ambition, have seen to it that the gentle, the meek, the good, are kept firmly under the boot.

All Canadians would do well to read this document, the center of which is definition of unalienable rights to 'life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness", our Charter of Rights and Freedoms mirrors this with section 7 "7. Everyone has the right to life, liberty and security of the person and the right not to be deprived thereof except in accordance with the principles of fundamental justice." (whatever 'fundemental justice' is...)

How is this represented in the current corporate feudalism? The largest ongoing crimes have always made some people a lot of money. For instance, IBM had exclusive printing rights for punchcards used to count the Jewish people on the way to their deaths, and onsite servicing contracts for the machines the nazis used at their death camps. Do you honestly believe that the CEO did not know what they were being used for ? We don't have to look 50 years in the past, who has the contracts for feeding the US troops? Everytime a plane flies or a ship moves, who gets money? Cruise missles aren't cheap, who makes those again?

Until the following occurs, the political process in Canada is merely a whore to big business. Who owns the shares in the industries that rape the earth? Poison the air? The media? Heat the world? Why not make money off death too? It makes me sick to think so many Canadians have been completely decieved for so long.

1) Parlimentary Reform

The current minority government is unstable, it is only a matter of time before some issue pops up as a deal breaker. Now many people who are used to the autocratic rule of the majority parliment likely find this situation an obstacle to declaring laws that the government wants but the people do not. Still, as the first reading on the current softwood deal demonstrates, bad deals can still be pushed upon the people should enough MPs agree. However, really bad things can be stopped and this is the best part about it. There would be no free trade if Brian Mulroney did not have a majority.

Should a party achieve a majority, this in no way guarantees the representation of the majority of Canadians, a majority government can be elected with 40% of the poplular vote. This needs to change, the many diverse voices need to be heard, trusting governing to politicians is taking us all down the garden path. Proportional Representation.

2) Monetary Reform

Basically the current system might work better if 1% of the people did not own more than the other 99%. It is really not something I understand being arbitrary and based in deception, it is not bullshit that I want to wade into. Others far more knowledgable about economics have much better ideas about it than I do. As long as it involves progressing, I am for it. No back-to-the-trees monkeys for this, we need our medium of exchange, we just need it regulated tightly. Perhaps eliminating the black market in drugs might help.

3) Lobbying Reforms

No civil servants to be involved in political lobbying. Especially police.

No corporate lobbiests. The government is to serve the people, not big business.

4) Labor Reforms

This again is out of my depth however I believe the guiding spirit should be that labor rules are reasonable, we do not then need unions. Especially public sector unions. We should not need to form subgroups to sue the government for 'labor rights' (decent hours,livable wages) when it should be guaranteeing them in first place. However the Corporate Party of Canada dictates laws to further its profits, not serve the people.

5) Drug Policy Reforms

Cannabis completely legalized. In your garden, on the shelf at the 'liquor' store, there is no basis for the prohibition except ideological predjudice. I beleive they should create 'red-light' districts where there are herion clinics where they just GIVE IT AWAY. Yes, you heard that right. Give it to the addicts, there is no black market, instantly. However, ideological predjucie may hide a darker more sinister reason for world wide drug prohibition. The access to untracable cash for havoc and destabization of soveriegn states, bribes for the corrupt, cash for arms dealing... The global war on drugs is being forced by a goverment whose largest export is weapons, has lied to go to war and kill thousands. Wake the fuck up people, the drug war is violence against people for getting high. It's based in hate, born in racism, and carried by predjudice. Drug-users are an officially hated subgroup, a needed part of a FASCIST STATE. Prohibitionists are either ignorant(lacking knowledge) or evil, there is no middle ground. The war on terror is just the endgame to remove peoples rights for the profits of corporations that was started with the war on drugs.

6) Government Accountability

I wish I had a solution that was past the 13th century. Under current conditions of such high taxation in the past, the peasants would have stormed the castle gates with pitchforks and torches. However, being civilized, one cannot advocate ill with a good conscience upon anyone. The best we can hope for is to segregate the incorrigible for the sake of the greater good. Where do we draw the line? At what point does legislative shananigans in parliment deserve more than a swift kick out of office? What measure of harm do we apply to the actions of governments and how do we hold people accountable when the police serve them over the people? I wish I knew!

7) Citizen Oversight of Police with TEETH.

In Canada, if you have a complaint about the police, you have to complain to the police. I am sick and tired of seeing citizens get burned for narco-fascist drug laws while police are acting as their own police! The Maher Arar debaucle should demonstrate the power unchecked in police hands is a recipe for disaster. I have little faith in the system, it is corrupt through and through. So corrupt that people don't even recognise its corruption. Until there is citizen oversight, we have to trust those that have all the guns and use pepper spray on protesters. However, this is just a symptom of a greater problem, the structure of the state itself and the rush to total tyranny.

8) Corporations will no longer considered 'people' with rights thereto. Nor shall one corporation own another. Media ownership Concentration outlawed.

9) Reaquistion of Infrastructure assets

The massive selloff of national assets that is probably all but done, is a long-term losing strategy UNLESS you are in the very small investor class that ends up owning it all. Privatisation is and always has been theft. If an asset is not profitable, no private business could run it. If it is profitable, why would we need to sell it?

10) Tax Reform

Since people are being held hostage to the extortion racket of the national debts, I suggest that is where we should start.

11) UN Reforms

The UN may be beyond hope now. Sanctions against rougue states only happens to nations outside the security council. Being a primary nexus of drug prohibition and a continual advocate of the failed system of drug prohibition at the same time claiming to be an organization devoted to peace betrays the underlying hypocrisy of the whole organization. One cannot have peace while one pursues an endless war, creates the global black market in drugs which funds so much war. Drug peace is a part of world peace but being just a blue ribbon council for the big countries, who cares about the roots of problems eh? Just spend more money, hire more cops and kill more innocents.

12) Cessation of trade relations with China until human rights are guaranteed

They really do harvest organs of political dissidents, persecute peaceful people to supply a macabre market in organs. By doing so much business with them we are tacitly agreeing to their continuing human rights abuses. Engagement through trade seems to be coming from them these days, we get more and more regressive, not the other way around.

13) Repeal of anti-terror laws

If Canadians actually had laws that were not written so cryptically that they need to pay a lawyer to find out that their rights can be suspended at a whim, they might also want the state to stop taking their rights and privacy away. 9/11 was a tradgedy but the governments have done far more damage with these laws than some bunch of desert dwellers could ever hope to. Who are the true terrorists?

I don't have all the answers or maybe any but I know things are way out of balance right now and changes need to be made, big changes before I have any belief in this system. I support my local representative not because I think it will do any good, only because the alternatives are worse.

Whatever we say, right or wrong, we know we are up the creek when we can't say it!


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