Saturday, September 30, 2006

Typical Media Bias

This editorial contains: denigration, ignorance, and bias. See if you can pick them out.

Potheads may not have thought this one through
Tuesday September 26, 2006

It seems that every time we carry any kind of drug awareness article in the paper we receive a flood of letters to the editor from people keen to tell us that drugs aren’t so bad at all.

(not drug awareness- anti-drug propaganda- no doubt paid for. misinformation)

There seems to be a group of people who spend their lives combing the Internet looking for such stories as an opportunity to argue their case that marijuana should be legalized.

(they are called political activists)

That’s fine. The letters page is a place for people to voice their opinions and as long as the letters are signed and refer specifically to a story in The Western Review we’ll continue to run them. What’s puzzling though is the degree of criticism a large number of these letter writers level at the police.

(well I am so glad you approve of my right to freely express myself. Police are the problem, the sooner they shut up about drugs, the sooner they can restore honor to the craft)

Now you can think what you want about whether or not marijuana should be legal. But surely no matter how much pot you’ve smoked you can figure this one out.
The police are there to enforce the law. There are no ifs ands or buts to that statement. And as long as cannabis remains illegal in this country the RCMP should continue to arrest and prosecute the offenders.

(denigration, stereotype that smoking cannabis makes you stupid, lies about the cops but that is probably because they have never been harassed. the law is the law right - forincate off, the laws are the problem, the police compound it, and the media bias insures its continuation)

If Canada’s drug laws are as ill conceived as some would have us believe it’s a problem for the politicians to deal with. Blaming the police for carrying out what is simply a very small part of the extremely difficult job they are paid to do is as foolish as it is pointless.

(they are like a dog that has run off. they need to be brought to heel, to bark at the right things instead of wasting their time chasing their own tails. It is a 'part of the job' that has too much resources devoted to it for soley political reasons. Politicians are more afraid of the USA than their own people.)


My response:


As with most media, 80 years of prohibition to conditions your bias, you deliberately mischaracterize the anti-prohibition movement.

Perhaps some people want to convince others that 'drugs aren't so bad' but most recognize that the war on drugs is worse than the drugs themselves. Using violence to coerce people away from cannabis in a free country while tolerating alcohol and tobacco smacks of hypocrisy, costs billions per year, and is completely ineffective.

I also wonder at people who rush to defend the anti-cannabis laws. A little research shows that cannabis was made illegal with no debate and with no knowlegdge of its effects, only that it was a substance used by minorities and gave the authority of the time the legal means to harras non-white people. Harry Aslinger from the USA was quoted as saying ""Reefer makes darkies think they're as good as white men."

In Canada, Emily Murphy wrote the book, "The Black Candle" under the pen name, Janey Cannuck in which she claims that "..persons using this narcotic smoke the dry leaves of the plant, which has the effect of driving them completely insane. The addict loses all sense of moral responsibility. " which the RCMP then used to grab more power as well as making hemp illegal under the name "marijuana".

The laws were born in racism and ignorance, do you really want to defend that?

Contrary to your assertions, the police have a huge lobby that keeps the regressive and completely ignored laws against cannabis in place,
not just enforce the law as claimed.

It has always been about power and control, not public safety. If police are going to make false statements, propagandize, and fearmonger about cannabis to maintain power then they deserve far more criticism for taking time away from solving real crimes. While kids may be missing, the police can tell if you are using too much electricity, thus have no trouble finding leads to growhouses, and manpower to populate green teams. Too bad about the missing kids.

You are right about one thing, they are to enforce laws, not make them. However, it is people who favor prohibition who have not thought it through, they justify their predjudice with fear for their children, but its adults who go to prison for drugs.



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