Sunday, October 01, 2006

Deceptively Simple, exceedingly compicated.

Suppose you created money out of thin air, could lend out 10 times more than you actually have, and charge interest that never gets created. What a rosy deal that would be eh? So, if money is created and loaned at interest BUT the interest is never actually created, how can the debt ever be repaid?

In Canada, the money supply is about 500 billion yet the actual amount of actual currency(notes, coins) is only about 40 billion. If you collected every red cent in the country, you could not pay the debt. The game is rigged, the people are on the hook forever because of the manipulations if politicians. No matter what the economy does, the bankers always win.

When will the people notice this?


Federal Debt : 1979


Federal : 1992

The Government has been paying down the debt however:

1996 554,162
1997 562,850
1998 560,718
1999 557,871
2000 544,726
2001 524,564
2002 517,545
2003 510,576
2004 501,493
2005 499,863

but what does this really represent? This debt repayment is a 'skim' for the organized syndicate who manipulate this planet via their debt-based fiat currency. Debt that has been created by deliberate manipulations, which could have been financed at low interest from the Bank of Canada was instead borrowed at interest. The people pay for the creation and maintainance of the money supply the then they have to borrow it to use it!

This skim is the result of reduced social spending and overtaxation.

The war on terror is just the rush to install the total police state before the people wake up to the chains on their ankles enslaving them to this scam. The war on drugs is waning because it also is a scam perpetrated upon the peoples of the world and more people are beginning to realize it.

While Canadians wait in Hospitals and food bank lineups, the well-to-do bank owners and investor class only wait for their profits, the skim.

And he said, Woe unto you also, ye lawyers! for ye lade men with burdens grievous to be borne, and ye yourselves touch not the burdens with one of your fingers.

Billions for the Bankers
The Royal Treatment

Bankers create money.
Bankers rake in Billions.

The 100 biggest corporations in
Canada are raking in billions
of dollars a year in profits
while more than a million
Canadians are unemployed.

The People grow food, build goods
and deliver services.

In return, the People are hit with
debts, deficits, bankruptcies,
unemployment, poverty and taxes.

That's Outrageous!

Royal Bank of Canada chairman, John Cleghorn, received a $1 million bonus in 1999 despite a year of flat earnings and the beginning of a cost-cutting drive that could chop up to 6000 jobs from Canada's largest financial institution. When all salary, benefits, bonuses and stock options are added up, Cleghorn was paid $ 6, 7 million for 1999 alone. That's nearly three times what he was paid in 1995 ($ 2, 3 million)

In 1999, The Royal Bank posted profits of $1.72 billion. The bank's return on equity, a key measure of profitability for banks, was 15.3 percent.

To boost the bank's performance in the face of increasing foreign competition, the Royal Bank announced a major belt-tightening initiative with plans to cut nearly 12 percent of its staff over the next three years.

Royal Bank spokesman Dan Maceluch said last fall that though these salary numbers appear high to most Canadians, they are not unusual salary numbers for top Bay Street business executives.

"We're very aware of how our staff, our customers and Canadians in general may react to these numbers", he said. "They're big numbers."





Fields are spoiled by weeds;
people, by passion.
So what's given to those
free of passion
bears great fruit.

Fields are spoiled by weeds;
people, by aversion.
So what's given to those
free of aversion
bears great fruit.

Fields are spoiled by weeds;
people, by delusion.
So what's given to those
free of delusion
bears great fruit.

Fields are spoiled by weeds;
people, by longing.
So what's given to those
free of longing
bears great fruit.


Contained here is a summary of the whole of the teachings of Dhamma, the obstacles to inner peace are passion, aversion, and delusion. Passion is really desire, want, craving. Aversion is intensly dislike or hate. Delusion is not recogising that desire and hatred are the root causes of suffering in the world. Longing for things takes people out of the now, they wish for what could be rather than accepting what is.

Money can't buy happiness but it sure buys a lot of misery.


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