Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Have you ever wondered why?

Have you ever wondered why cannabis is illegal while alcohol is not? Alcohol and tobacco have a huge pile of bodies attributable their use while cannabis, that has never been proved to kill anyone.

Why are some people so dead set against cannabis but have no problem with all the violence associated with alcohol. They lobby tirelessly to keep cannabis illegal but do not lobby for a return to alcohol prohibition. This view seems inconsistent.

It is not inconsistent if you see the root of this, puritan ideology. Real puritans eschew alcohol as well but the psuedo-puritans that people the so-called treatment industry, the police forces, and the legislatures, can hold the inconsistent view. Why?

Puritans believe that taking any kind of drugs is evil, pseudo-puritans only believe that taking drugs like cannabis is evil.


Alcohol and tobacco both really are dangerous and addictive drugs that cause serious physical damage if used (or abused). This makes these drugs acceptable to those who want to sit smugly and claim people who use these drugs get exactly what they deserve.

However, with cannabis, the bliss is almost side-effect free, inexpensive, and does not lead to serious health problems, despite the drug war lies. However, for the hypocrite narco-fascists to experience their schadenfreude, they must continually create consequences that are far worse than the drug usage itself. To sit back smugly and claim "they got what they deserved", what many believe cannabis users deserve, they must build prisons and continually lie about drugs in general.

Cannabis may even be therapuetic, so alcohol, tobacco, and pharmacuetical industries may lose money should cannabis, the raw plant, ever be legalized. This unholy trinity spends huge amounts of money through lobby groups to keep cannabis illegal. It also merges with another unholy trinity, the police-prison-legal industry to create and stimulate wholy unnecessary segments of the ecomony to boost the GDP, the false indicator of the countries economic health.

The people are losing freedom, privacy, security, all so the puritans can enforce their warped ideology upon the rest of the world. The laws against cannabis in Canada were introduced with no debate and upon no scientific basis, only hysteria of the day, xenophobia, and racism.

Now if one looks closely at the current drug laws, one should notice immediately that drugs that were favored by caucasions were preffered, drugs that came from countries with non-caucasion peoples are all illegal. Cannabis was associates with African Americans, cocaine was associated with Mexicans, and opium was associated with Chinese... who kicks back with a cigar and a congnac?

So, if you decide to champion prohibition, at least know what your are really fighting for, and more accurately who. Racist xenophobes intent on complete control of your concsiousness. When you lie about it and claim its 'for the children' consider the children that are not protected because the cops are too busy uprooting non-toxic plants.


Blogger whig said...

Do you ever consider a thought experiment of what cannabis is like to someone with a straightjacketed conservative conscience and a lifetime of guilt and buried memories?

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