Thursday, October 05, 2006

Politics and Accountability

I find it amusing in a sick sort of way that people continually fall for the lies of the two major parties in Canada. It's always a new bunch of clowns but the same stinking circus.

This week, Canadas' Conservative Government, who I shall henceforth refer to as the Republican Party of Canada, announce a slew of cuts along ideological lines while simultaneously spending a huge surplus on debt reduction.

Why should they cut programs at the same time as having a surplus? Well, if you have been following the bouncing white ball sing-along of the media, you probably have no clue. The Harper government is spending like drunken sailors on the military and such things as their lame Childcare credit program at the same time as cutting taxes.

The programs they cut are just the beginning. The real damage won't show up until after an election, or a few years. This is political manipulation. They get away with spending taxpayer monies on industries that RPC party members have in their portfolios, war, killing, and death, industries, in effect lining their pockets and those of their friends.

When the numbers come in, the RPC will either have had an election in order to attempt to get a majority or they will get the boot as a result of the new deficit DUE TO THEIR SPENDING.

The incoming party will then have no choice but to raise taxes and cut program spending, both unpopular, setting up the RPC with plenty of ammo to fire at the new government about unpopular moves. The electorate has long-term memory loss and will attribute the unpopular actions of raising taxes to the sitting government who just inherited the mistakes of the previous government.

Why do people listen to conservatives bleat about fiscal responsibilty when it is they who always spend(or tax cut) the country the brink of bankruptcy? Not only that but they then use their previous deliberate spending/cuts as an excuse to attack the new government for trying to fix it.

What is worse is that the RPC is not spending the money to ease the healthcare crisis, nor to train new doctors, or tradespersons, or schools but we get 1000 new cops and $15 billion worth of military equipment.

Just remember Canada, the Conservatives inherited a $13+ billion surplus and spent it on war and defense. Just what will the next government inherit? If the Conservatives ever get a majority, the new government will inherit the role of "Governor of the Colony".


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